Group 13

Customer Overview

Sorley, a talented company in the hosiery sector where the quality of the materials meets scrupulous management of all production stages, and traditional processing combines with the most innovative machinery for results that are absolutely out of the ordinary.

From the weaving of the fibres to the manufacture of the hosiery, all production steps are strictly Made in Italy.

Project Overview

The project arose from the need to digitise work that was previously carried out through manual counting and writing by the operator, in order to save time, costs and reduce errors.

In doing so, Sorley not only achieved accuracy in counting the goods, but also made the process faster and more convenient.

This is all thanks to RFID technology that can read thousands of items without any human intervention.

With just one ‘beep’, in fact, entire packages can be read and catalogued in a short time, reducing handling errors exponentially.

Unlike before, when only a quarter of the goods were identified, as everything was done manually.


Drastic reduction of human error

Immediate verification of shortages and surpluses

Elimination of paper for document management

Maximum precision in the control of articles

Speeding up processes