Group 13
Having systems for the identification of all production and transformation processes helps to create a precise product

Such identification is based on the recognition, monitoring and recording of the operations carried out, indicating place, dates, materials used, etc.. offering total transparency in the actions carried out, from production to the final product


Connecting suppliers and customers

We provide a technology capable of connecting different companies, allowing the digital transfer of key information about the product in a simple and, above all, safe way.


Prevent loss of goods

Managing traceability supports the systems involved in knowing the location of the items involved, preventing the goods from being lost 


Maximum enhancement of products

Each product can therefore become the vehicle of a series of additional contents that enhance it to the maximum. It is possible to provide the customer/consumer with any possible information relating to the entire production process of the product that is being purchased, utilise the web and the most diffused tools (smart-phone, tablet, etc.) to convey this information, as well as additional content, which certify the quality thanks to a certified control of the supply chain


Connect raw materials, semi-processed and finished product

Thanks to the data connection between customers and suppliers it is therefore possible to trace in a timely manner the connection between each specific product and its semi-processed products and raw materials used. Each product can be uniquely identified and be linked specifically to another, or with specific batches, or even bind batches to each other. For each finished product it is therefore possible to go up the chain to the first connected processing


Full knowledge of the entire supply chain

Supply chain traceability is essential to trace any problems along the supply chain, identify their causes and quickly take corrective and circumscribed measures that limit the action to the sole products actually involved in the issues

Avoiding unnecessary waste of time during the production process is essential for the correct management of orders

This is where InfinityID’s IOT technology comes into play, which, thanks to small tags applied to each tool, will provide real-time location information