Group 13
From the raw material to the finished product: thanks to InfinityID's RFID solutions you can identify the production progress in real time.

Collecting data and making it available to the company’s management systems. InfinityID’s software takes care of the entire production flow, which goes from receipt of raw materials and definition of lots, to the input of the finished product


Operational flexibility and cost optimization

A completely decentralized approach to distribution by means of introducing the ability to manage movements quickly and easily from every point of distribution. This way, it is possible to reduce transport costs and minimize the time of moving of goods, increasing customers’ satisfaction


Real-time monitoring of movements

InfinityID’s system connects the physical world of articles with the digital layer of information thanks to RFID technology. Operators declare in real time each movement to the management system in use thanks to applications available on smartphones


Simplification of document creation and registration procedures

Based on the degree of movements involved, the system automatically requires the management system to produce any necessary documentation (bills of transport, invoices, etc.), freeing operators from the complex operation of standard management systems

Oggi più che mai la disponibilità dei prodotti per i clienti è fondamentale

Per questo motivo avere la possibilità di spostare rapidamente gli articoli da un negozio all’altro è molto importante e garantisce le disponibilità in tempo reale anche per le piattaforme di marketplace e e-commerce