Group 13
InfinityID has developed a system that can fully manage payment processes in a completely automated way

Thanks to the use of these RFID systems, it will be possible to pay much faster, avoiding queues and crowding; it will also be possible to save many resources by giving customers the opportunity to independently manage payment operations


RFID Till management

InfinityID provides a RFID reading system to replace the old optical reading method with the faster RFID reading. The application allows you to integrate any existing till software through various methods of interaction (API; emulation, etc)


Self cashier

Thanks to the high degree of automation, RFID technology is certainly suitable for the management of tills that do not provide for the support of a physical operator, enriching the shopping experience of customers and allowing the management of protection release operations on products in a completely autonomous way


Self barcode Checkout / RFID

If the goal is to establish a self checkout system with a really high degree of security, a version with double barcode/RFID scanning is available; it interacts with the customer only through optical scanning, discreetly integrating a double verification through RFID tags. This mode completely prevents omissions and errors and scans, and in case of detection of any anomaly, calls the staff through push messages holding the customer through a discreet service communication


More speed, more freedom and more revenue

It is noted and demonstrated by several industry studies that the introduction of automatic cash desks, perhaps combined with an extension of working hours, greatly increases the satisfaction relative to the shopping experience of customers turning into an effective increase in sales

A control tool on automated cashiers.

It highlights where there are situations of greater presence of anomalies also analysing the different type so that the management can easily plan the best payment support strategy to be managed in each store