Group 13
With infinityID's RFID solutions you can monitor the production of contractors in real-time.

You will always know where your product is in the supply chain of contractors. Software solutions also facilitate the work of suppliers relocated abroad, allowing easy integration into the organizational layers of the company.


Remote control of production

Even without implementing any device for the subcontractor, thanks to a production management WEB platform, each supplier can easily provide information connected to the evolution of orders that are managed by the application. In this way, it is possible to monitor the evolution of production remotely and well in advance


REAL-TIME automation, detection and production

It is possible to equip the production plants of contractors with simple reading devices, also operating in cloud mode, that allow to fully automate the detection of production, even in its different phases. In this way the monitoring platform achieves the highest level of efficiency, providing a representation of the data in real time


Remote control of shipments and digitization of airway bills

Suppliers are able to create shipping documents directly on the WEB platform which is synced to the management system.  In this way, it is possible to know all the details of the shipment while it is prepared. Once confirmed, all the data are automatically imported from the management system, freeing operators from long manual data-entry procedures


Detailed Packing lists management

The solution also allows you to manage the creation of the Packing list at the box, pallet or container level in such a way as to allow automated timely checks during the receipt of goods

With InfinityID's RFID solutions, you can monitor the production of contractors in real-time