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Precisely improve inventory with InfinityID's RFID solutions

From a brand and retailer perspective, it is the priority to improve inventory accuracy and brand security to create a more satisfying multi-channel shopping experience

With the solutions of InfinityID you will be able to track every single garment, verifying that the goods are in the right distribution channel, optimizing the production-logistics process, and combating counterfeiting

Keep track of your inventory, with InfinityID's RFID solutions
Create an unprecedented product history

Another way brands can use RFID technology to improve sustainability is to use the item-level traceability that RFID tags can provide. As for sustainability initiatives, this is a fairly customer-oriented use, as brands can leverage the additional data stored within RFID tags to provide transparency about where their products come from on the origin of their products

Sustainability in fashion

Today sustainability has a fundamental role in the field of Fashion: InfinityID, through RFID technology, plays a pivotal role in this sector, providing 3 main ways in which retailers can improve their sustainability: 

  • Product less avoid waste in production leaner stocks
  • Transparency for consumers with item-level traceability across the supply chain
  • Digitize of the emerging fashion rental market

By implementing an RFID inventory system, retailers can obtain reduce, on average, 10-15% less their stock in stores, thanks to the increased accuracy of stock supply and the ability to take advantage of their stock warehouse more efficiently