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Reduce the risk of shoplifting inside your store

Thanks to InfinittID’s RFID solutions, you will be able to prevent in-store theft. Thanks to software dedicated to this functionality, you will be able to filter all the items in your store window thus allowing the maximization of the exhibition spaces



Reducing loss is always a gain

Increasing profitability is the constant daily challenge, reducing losses can increase turnover by up to 1.5 percentage points, a great reason to invest in the protection of items that are attacked every day by improvised and professional criminals


The best technology always at your service

Every specific scenario needs a precise solution, for this reason InfinityID offers multi-platform solutions that take advantage of the most advanced anti-shoplifting technologies that the market offers (RFID, Acusto Magnetic, RF EAS technology). All these solutions are integrated with each other allowing you to choose for each challenge the winning solution


RFID EAS = many benefits

RFID technology is certainly the reference trend in the current security landscape. Motivations that push more and more leading companies in the retail sector to adopt this technology are many, among which stand out the possibility of exploiting labels at origin from manufacturers or distribution centers and therefore reduce the investment connected to the purchase of specific TAGS. There is furthermore the possibility of integrating these TAGS into products in ways that are compatible with the complete life cycle of the product, even in its post-sales phase


Know which items are at risk

With RFID anti-shoplifting systems, it is possible to identify exactly which items are subject to attacks. It is therefore possible to collect much more detailed statistics than traditional systems with generic alarm, allowing you to find more effective targeted solutions to combat the phenomenon of shoplifting


Remote alarm notifications

All systems provided by InfinityID are also able to send alarm notifications in real time remotely.  Real push messages that can be conveyed on smartphones or directly to the sales counters to activate an immediate and timely intervention of the staff


Deterrence or discreet protection?

If in certain environments it is necessary to make the detection devices clearly visible to patrons in order to maximize the detention effect, in others the protection must be as discreet as possible or even better, invisible. InfinityID offers a wide range of devices adaptable to any environment and situation. Pedestal antennas, overhead systems, underfloor or doormat systems and antennas that can be integrated into furniture or walls to protect circumscribed or wide gaps and their own areas that need monitoring

Reduce the risk of shoplifting inside your store. Thanks to InfinityID RFID solutions, you will be able to prevent in-store theft

Monitoring assets in real time is now possible with the contribution of technologies that reveal to the eye even the details not normally visible