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Traceability is a fundamental requirement in the agri-food sector

The requirement of traceability becomes a priority especially because of the perishable nature of food and the potential health risk through the transmission of bacteria. There are various traceability systems that allow companies to keep track of their products both upstream and downstreami di tracciabilità che consentono alle aziende di tenere traccia dei propri prodotti sia a monte che a valle

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that facilitates easy and automatic data collection
How does tracking of food work?

Tracking and data collection, along the entire supply chain, are important to achieve better food management

InfinityID’s system is able to integrate with the systems already in use within companies, without distorting them or interfere with already existing programs, thanks to a decentralized data storage platform enabled to the blockchain for data management and a RFID system at the packaging level for the collection and storage of data