Group 13
Identifying errors is crucial in managing the supply chain.

Thanks to InfinityID’s system, identifying missing or surplus items becomes a quick and precise operation that allows you to significantly optimize the time of receipt and shipment of your items


RFID picking & packing management

It is possible to receive withdrawal missions from the management system and fulfill them through simple Android applications. RFID reading tools at the packaging settings are able to speed up operation at the highest level, while eliminating any possibility of error


SU-BoxID management

Thanks to RFID technology all SUs are always updated in real time with respect to the quantities contained, since each reading operation automatically deduces the units taken. During the packaging phase it is possible to create a logical match between RFID content and packaging (BoxID) which increases the operativity speed in the control phase on deliveries


Automatic Packing List Creation

The packaging management application allows you to automatically generate the packing lists related to the processed documents and returns the information to the management system so that it can reuse them. You can also manage the marking by means of labels for each generated box


API for RFID readings integration  directly on ERP

InfinityID provides a set of API (Access Protocol Interface) which makes it possible to introduce the management of RFID readings also to the management system already in use in the company. In this way, the introduction of technology is facilitated by the minimal change perceived by operators already accustomed to operating on the management system and minimizes the exchange of data between systems, optimizing their efficiency

The performance of a warehouse depends on numerous factors.

In the first place is the optimization of the withdrawal routes: InfinityID manages the correlation between the demand and the organization and provides ready to use solutions to facilitate the work of operators