Group 13
With InfinityID’s RFID technology, you can assign a unique code to each item within your company.

By keeping every move of each item under control in real time you can:

  • Create a unique registry. Survey of current articles and realization of unique serializations for RFID management. 
  • Configure custom labels. Software for label layout available on site and at partner’s facilities
  • Print RFID labels. Software for RFID creation and serialization
With InfinityID’s RFID solutions, the identification of articles optimizes, simplifies and improves your way of working
Many are the benefits provided by the identifications with RFID:
  • Monitor assets and manage the supply chain;
  • Have wider visibility and control of incoming and outgoing goods;
  • Provide retailers with useful information about product inventory and consumption;
  • Avoid running out of stock;
  • Reduce shoplifting by tracking inventory movements;
  • Improve picking and packing operations and the overall transparency of the supply chain.