Group 13
InfinityID's ITEM FINDER application is the fastest solution to look for an item.

Thanks to RFID technology, you will only have to enter the required item code on the mobile device to identify an item among thousands present in the warehouse, avoiding unnecessary waste of time. This brings numerous benefits especially for those who turn to marketplaces and e-commerce


Misplaced articles found in a few moments

Item-search function on RFID portable devices. By scanning the barcode, QR code or manual insertion it is possible to find items quickly up to 10 meters away, having an acoustic and visual signal


Automatic restocking

The application has pre-defined reorder levels available and is therefore able to automatically recommend re-assortments to operators


Easy and intuitive web and mobile interface

Store operators can access the management information and enrich it in turn thanks to simplified interfaces available for WEB or Android The screens are simple and intuitive and allow you to connect real-time operation with the data flow of the management system

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