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How does assets tracking work with RFID?

The tracking of assets through RFID technology consists of a system to gain better control over tools and equipment. It refers to the process by which all the physical resources present in your business are documented. You will have the opportunity to know in real time where one of your assets is located

RFID provides a cost-effective way of monitoring and managing resources

RFID asset tracking takes management, monitoring and other equipment operations to the next level by collecting data on your assets that can be used to optimise utilisation, track all assets and better manage inventory

By adopting InfinityID’s RFID solutions, scanning can be carried out regularly, without affecting the main operations of the organization in any way.
The Goal ?

Know the real location of the assets in the various locations and offices, both for operational management and for periodic inventory, allowing a significant reduction in time and costs (with a significant saving of manpower), minimizing the chances of error


With assets tracking, your business can:
  • Have the ability to simultaneously view the assets you own and their exact location;
  • Monitor the movements of assets;
  • Research for lost property;

All these features simplify day to day operations of your business and prevent the loss and theft of business assets.