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Track your entire supply chain with InfinityID's RFID solutions

The implementation of RFID technology in industrial supply chains allows full traceability during all stages of the production process, which is not possible with other technologies

InfinityID’s RFID solutions for the INDUSTRY sector offer many benefits that can be leveraged to improve productivity, assembly line times, and inventory management

Do you want to know all the features of a product? Thanks to InfinityID's RFID solutions, it will be possible to track a product and all the processes it goes through
The benefits of being able to track anything

The benefits of being able to track anything

Industrial traceability introduced significant and immediate changes and benefits to companies that needed to add efficiency to their processes and information collection

In fact, it allows us to have control at all times over production and consumption, as well as to increase safety and achieve huge considerable cost savings

On average we have registered a success rate of 75% in companies with very strict and complex requirements in managing the traceability and supervision of their processes