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InfinityID is the solution to simplify and automate the collection and allocation operations within your warehouse

Thanks to InfinityID’s solutions, the interaction between operators and shelves is facilitated, providing specific software solutions to best automate the standard logistics procedures


Real-time error checking

Function to automatically identify shortages and surpluses in the procedures for sending and receiving goods. The module can be implemented using import/eport port lists from third-party systems


Easy and intuitive web and mobile interface

Warehouse operators can access the management information and enrich it in turn thanks to simplified interfaces available for WEB or Android The screens are simple and intuitive and allow you to connect in real-time operativity with the data flow of the management system


Filtering unwanted readings

Software-filter functions that allow to optimize the use of RFID readings even in placed crammed with articles and highly rotating


Multi-device software

Our application adapts and integrates with any mobile or stationary reading device. You can then choose whether to operate through RFID PISTOLS or use box control structures such as RFID TUNNELS or optimized for pallets such as RFID PORTALS


SU Labeling

The inbound management application allows you to automatically generate all the containment units (pallets, boxes, etc.) with labels that can be identified via optical reading or RFID in order to simplify subsequent storage and handling operations

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Identifying errors is crucial in managing the supply chain

Thanks to InfinityID’s system, identifying missing or surplus items becomes a quick and precise operation that allows you to significantly optimize the time of receipt and shipment of your items