Group 13

Customer Overview

The company Sharknet, is today’s leading exponent in the field of pleated insect screen production, which constitutes an original product, leader in the national market.

Founded in 1979, as well as having patented pleated nets, the result of an innovative idea, the company has increased its productivity, thanks to the idea of processing its products through the use of pleating machines set up in its production centres.

This has made it possible to speed up the operational stages of production, eliminating the need to call in external companies.

The company also extends its services to the entire Italian territory, starting in the north and reaching the southern regions.

Project Overview

The need for Sharknet, was to monitor all the various stages of production progress in order to have complete control over process times and costs.

Analysing the flows involved, the characteristics of the product and the environment, we used RFID technology, thanks to which there was an increase in productivity and a 99% reduction in errors.

In particular, the system installed allows the tracking of 4 processing phases:

Phase 1 – Beating: assembly of the aluminium profiles and the insect screen
Stage 2 – Drilling: drilling of the net and fixing to the supports
Step 3 – Closing: application of customised customer finishes
Stage 4 – Assembly of finished product: insertion of components for installation and packaging and preparation for shipment.


Real-time production control

Reduction of management costs

Immediate verification of shortages and surpluses

Drastic reduction of human error

Elimination of paper for document management