Group 13

Customer Overview

S.I.D.A.T. Group is based in Turin and specialises in automotive components.

The company was founded in 1990 in a 250 m2 factory in Vinovo. The fusion of skills and experience, deriving from the electromechanical, electronic and vehicle air conditioning component sectors, allowed the company to broaden their outlook by founding the S.I.D.A.T. brand, KRIOS for the distribution of Air Conditioning components and the FISPA brand.

This represented an important national and international expansion for them and a considerable widening of their product range.


Project Overview

The S.I.D.A.T. project was born out of the need to digitise work that was previously carried out through manual operator support, in order to achieve time and cost savings, and a reduction in errors.

S.I.D.A.T. has not only achieved accuracy in counting goods, but has also speeded up and simplified the process.

The company significantly reduced its order preparation time, achieving an effective saving of 75% in the preparation of its shipments.

The benefit was immediate, now thanks to RFID technology, the company went from processing one order within 10 minutes to processing four orders in the same time frame.


Elimination of paper-based order handling

Drastic reduction of human error

Speeding up processes

Maximum precision in article control

Automation of goods dispatch procedures