Group 13

Customer Overview

MedicAirMedicAir Group, for more than 40 years, has been the benchmark in the design and delivery of health care services and the development of gas-related technologies for the treatment and improvement of quality of life. 

MedicAir, with our 28 operating units, is active in the medical, food and industrial sectors, sectors that are apparently very distant from each other but which share a common objective: to guarantee the health of the assisted.

Every day with its medical divisions it offers diagnostic and care services: providing life-saving therapies such as oxygen therapy, mechanical ventilation, artificial nutrition and telemonitoring of vital parameters, as well as manufacturing and distributing anti-decubitus systems.

It also provides palliative care and an Integrated Home Assistance (ADI) service.

With its food division, on the other hand, it processes Foods for Special Medical Purposes to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from dysphagia and associated diseases.

Finally, for more than 70 years, we have been operating in the industrial gases and food gases sector and supply all the technologies necessary for their use.

Project Overview

MedicAir  has chosen to install RFID solutions from InfinityID to manage without risk of error or loss the traceability of all its medical devices, especially liquid and gaseous oxygen cylinders

By replacing normal barcode labels with smart RFID tags placed directly on the cylinders, it is now able to automatically identify goods entering and leaving its warehouses and storage facilities.

This innovative system provides a real-time view of the status of products, always being certain of how many cylinders are in the warehouse and how many are at the customer’s premises.

Thanks to the hand-held RFID readers supplied to the operators, goods are managed in a massive way, accurately identifying thousands of articles entering and leaving the depots and warehouses, thus avoiding the possibility of losing products.

The MedicAir operator only has to ensure that the process is started. Everything else is taken care of by LOGiC, the InfinityID software, which shows in real time what is on the incoming and outgoing load, communicating the data to the management system.

Having ascertained that everything corresponds to the order, the shipment can be approved, safe in the knowledge that there will be no errors.


Timely control of the location of one’s own cylinders

Drastic reduction of human error

Saving of time during goods control

Automation of goods handling procedures

Automatic and reliable data source for data analysis