Group 13

Customer Overview

Givova, an Italian brand of technical sportswear and sports accessories, creates products of excellent quality without sacrificing a competitive price that guarantees maximum value for money.

Givova, through the excellent quality and completeness of its product range, succeeds in fully meeting consumer needs, supporting them with impeccable service and manic attention to detail.

In addition, the Campania-based company has been the supplier of sportswear to the contestants of the reality TV shows ‘Big Brother’ and ‘The Island of the Famous’.

Project Overview

Givova required a system that would give them greater control over the goods during inbound, outbound and inventory operations. They also needed to control and manage the goods within the warehouse.

How did we solve these problems? Each article was equipped with an RFID tag with which its movement within the warehouse can be automatically tracked.

Thanks to the RFID portal, goods management now takes place automatically, with the exact number of thousands of articles entering and leaving being indicated. In addition, we have optimised the picking and packing phases through the use of tablets for picking articles and reading tables for preparing boxes.


Elimination of paper for document management

Drastic reduction of human error

Immediate verification of shortages and surpluses

Maximum precision in the control of articles

Automation of goods receipt and dispatch procedures