Group 13

Customer Overview

The request from Electro Adda, a leading manufacturer and marketer of electric motors, was to speed up the process of sending and receiving their products.

The biggest problem was the nameplate data (the only way they could identify each motor, the technical data was indicated on each one) which was not clearly visible and therefore difficult to read and trace.

In addition, it was impossible for them to even identify the products before they were numbered, i.e. directly from the supplier.

When analysing the complete flow, the characteristics of the products and the environment, it was decided to use RFID technology.

Project Overview

The system we decided to implement is as follows:
Identification + outsourced printing (products arrive at the company already labelled by suppliers)
Department logistics for tracking products within the plant
Inbound and outbound product shipment management. All while avoiding hand searching for barcodes
Item finder, an application that allows items to be searched via hand-held RFID devices even before they are catalogued with the nameplate data (previously they used simple paper labels)


Tracking the entire supply chain, directly from the supplier

Complete management of product shipment, input and output

Optimization of product identification times