Group 13

InfinityID Retail portal allows reading of all labels on the stand or in the boxes

Increasing accuracy while saving time. The metal and radio-absorbent material structure isolates the reading of only the articles within the portal.
Main features: 1. Radio-absorbent material: applied to the metal insulation shield, it prevents the reflection of radio waves, preventing unwanted readings 2. Antenna protection: shock-absorbing wedges prevent contact of goods with antennas 3. Stand/trolley guide rails: allow goods to remain in the correct position for reading 4. UHF active equipment compartment: the gantry can be equipped with various reader models 5. RFID antenna: configurations from 2 to 8 antennas with amplification up to 120 db 6. LED activity signal: detects the presence of new tags and stops signalling once the scan is complete. once scanning is complete 7. Graphic interface for management of: - Expected items - Unexpected items - Lost articles 8. Customisation: wide choice of colours and customisation obtainable through application of PVC films