Group 13

''A new eco-sustainable layout model for the fashion world''

Infinity-ID (Mod Security S.r.l.), in partnership with CIOCCA SPA and FILMAR SPA, has undertaken a RandS project consisting of the reorganisation of the production and logistical process between FILMAR (cotton yarn manufacturers) and CIOCCA (high-end hosiery and knitwear manufacturers) aimed at reducing waste throughout the production chain through the activation of assembly-to-order and just-in-time logics. In addition, thanks to the use of RFID technology implemented by Infinty-ID (Mod Security S.r.l.), each yarn spool produced can be linked to the finished garment, which will retain all the information useful both to the companies in the logistics-production chain, to improve the knowledge of their processes, and to the end customers. The end customer will be able to be informed about the characteristics of the garment he or she is wearing through a QrCode.

''We want to promote greater transparency and increased product traceability throughout the supply chain, with a view to economic and environmental sustainability.''