Adhesive RFID labels

Fashion traceability

Precisely improve inventory with InfinityID's RFID solutions

From a brand and retailer perspective, it is the priority to improve inventory accuracy and brand security to create a more satisfying multi-channel shopping experience

With the solutions of InfinityID you will be able to track every single garment, verifying that the goods are in the right distribution channel, optimizing the production-logistics process, and combating counterfeiting

Keep track of your inventory, with InfinityID's RFID solutions
Create an unprecedented product history

Another way brands can use RFID technology to improve sustainability is to use the item-level traceability that RFID tags can provide. As for sustainability initiatives, this is a fairly customer-oriented use, as brands can leverage the additional data stored within RFID tags to provide transparency about where their products come from on the origin of their products

Sustainability in fashion

Today sustainability has a fundamental role in the field of Fashion: InfinityID, through RFID technology, plays a pivotal role in this sector, providing 3 main ways in which retailers can improve their sustainability: 

  • Product less avoid waste in production leaner stocks
  • Transparency for consumers with item-level traceability across the supply chain
  • Digitize of the emerging fashion rental market

By implementing an RFID inventory system, retailers can obtain reduce, on average, 10-15% less their stock in stores, thanks to the increased accuracy of stock supply and the ability to take advantage of their stock warehouse more efficiently

Traceability of the agri-food chain

Traceability is a fundamental requirement in the agri-food sector

The requirement of traceability becomes a priority especially because of the perishable nature of food and the potential health risk through the transmission of bacteria. There are various traceability systems that allow companies to keep track of their products both upstream and downstreami di tracciabilità che consentono alle aziende di tenere traccia dei propri prodotti sia a monte che a valle

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that facilitates easy and automatic data collection
How does tracking of food work?

Tracking and data collection, along the entire supply chain, are important to achieve better food management

InfinityID’s system is able to integrate with the systems already in use within companies, without distorting them or interfere with already existing programs, thanks to a decentralized data storage platform enabled to the blockchain for data management and a RFID system at the packaging level for the collection and storage of data

Traceability of industrial supply chain

Track your entire supply chain with InfinityID's RFID solutions

The implementation of RFID technology in industrial supply chains allows full traceability during all stages of the production process, which is not possible with other technologies

InfinityID’s RFID solutions for the INDUSTRY sector offer many benefits that can be leveraged to improve productivity, assembly line times, and inventory management

Do you want to know all the features of a product? Thanks to InfinityID's RFID solutions, it will be possible to track a product and all the processes it goes through
The benefits of being able to track anything

The benefits of being able to track anything

Industrial traceability introduced significant and immediate changes and benefits to companies that needed to add efficiency to their processes and information collection

In fact, it allows us to have control at all times over production and consumption, as well as to increase safety and achieve huge considerable cost savings

On average we have registered a success rate of 75% in companies with very strict and complex requirements in managing the traceability and supervision of their processes

GPS of goods

Migliora la tua customer experience

La geolocalizzazione non consiste solo nella localizzazione geografica di un prodotto, ma è anche uno strumento importante per il settore della logistica per migliorare la customer experience.

Necessiti di Geolocalizzare la tua merce in aree interne o esterne al magazzino? Con le soluzioni RFID di InifnityID automatizzi la gestione e la localizzazione delle risorse fisiche.
Tracciamento delle risorse tramite RFID .

Il tracciamento delle risorse RFID è una tecnica per l’automazione della gestione e della localizzazione delle risorse fisiche. Funziona inserendo i dati su un tag RFID e collegandoli a una risorsa pertinente. Un lettore RFID può recuperare i dati memorizzati tramite un tag RFID. Alla fine, sarà raccolto in un sistema di monitoraggio completo asset dove può essere guardato e agito su.


Reduce the risk of shoplifting inside your store

Thanks to InfinittID’s RFID solutions, you will be able to prevent in-store theft. Thanks to software dedicated to this functionality, you will be able to filter all the items in your store window thus allowing the maximization of the exhibition spaces



Reducing loss is always a gain

Increasing profitability is the constant daily challenge, reducing losses can increase turnover by up to 1.5 percentage points, a great reason to invest in the protection of items that are attacked every day by improvised and professional criminals


The best technology always at your service

Every specific scenario needs a precise solution, for this reason InfinityID offers multi-platform solutions that take advantage of the most advanced anti-shoplifting technologies that the market offers (RFID, Acusto Magnetic, RF EAS technology). All these solutions are integrated with each other allowing you to choose for each challenge the winning solution


RFID EAS = many benefits

RFID technology is certainly the reference trend in the current security landscape. Motivations that push more and more leading companies in the retail sector to adopt this technology are many, among which stand out the possibility of exploiting labels at origin from manufacturers or distribution centers and therefore reduce the investment connected to the purchase of specific TAGS. There is furthermore the possibility of integrating these TAGS into products in ways that are compatible with the complete life cycle of the product, even in its post-sales phase


Know which items are at risk

With RFID anti-shoplifting systems, it is possible to identify exactly which items are subject to attacks. It is therefore possible to collect much more detailed statistics than traditional systems with generic alarm, allowing you to find more effective targeted solutions to combat the phenomenon of shoplifting


Remote alarm notifications

All systems provided by InfinityID are also able to send alarm notifications in real time remotely.  Real push messages that can be conveyed on smartphones or directly to the sales counters to activate an immediate and timely intervention of the staff


Deterrence or discreet protection?

If in certain environments it is necessary to make the detection devices clearly visible to patrons in order to maximize the detention effect, in others the protection must be as discreet as possible or even better, invisible. InfinityID offers a wide range of devices adaptable to any environment and situation. Pedestal antennas, overhead systems, underfloor or doormat systems and antennas that can be integrated into furniture or walls to protect circumscribed or wide gaps and their own areas that need monitoring

Reduce the risk of shoplifting inside your store. Thanks to InfinityID RFID solutions, you will be able to prevent in-store theft

Monitoring assets in real time is now possible with the contribution of technologies that reveal to the eye even the details not normally visible

Cash box self

InfinityID has developed a system that can fully manage payment processes in a completely automated way

Thanks to the use of these RFID systems, it will be possible to pay much faster, avoiding queues and crowding; it will also be possible to save many resources by giving customers the opportunity to independently manage payment operations


RFID Till management

InfinityID provides a RFID reading system to replace the old optical reading method with the faster RFID reading. The application allows you to integrate any existing till software through various methods of interaction (API; emulation, etc)


Self cashier

Thanks to the high degree of automation, RFID technology is certainly suitable for the management of tills that do not provide for the support of a physical operator, enriching the shopping experience of customers and allowing the management of protection release operations on products in a completely autonomous way


Self barcode Checkout / RFID

If the goal is to establish a self checkout system with a really high degree of security, a version with double barcode/RFID scanning is available; it interacts with the customer only through optical scanning, discreetly integrating a double verification through RFID tags. This mode completely prevents omissions and errors and scans, and in case of detection of any anomaly, calls the staff through push messages holding the customer through a discreet service communication


More speed, more freedom and more revenue

It is noted and demonstrated by several industry studies that the introduction of automatic cash desks, perhaps combined with an extension of working hours, greatly increases the satisfaction relative to the shopping experience of customers turning into an effective increase in sales

A control tool on automated cashiers.

It highlights where there are situations of greater presence of anomalies also analysing the different type so that the management can easily plan the best payment support strategy to be managed in each store

RFID Inventory

Carrying out a warehouse inventory is a standard activity in many companies.

InfinityID’s RFID technology allows you to always have available all the stocks in the warehouse, which, today more than ever, are essential to optimize work and productivity


Inventory updated even every day

RFID technology allows a single operator to detect even 100,000 items with absolute accuracy in a single session lasting a couple of hours. It is therefore easy to understand that by decreasing the amount of items to be detected or increasing the number of operators and devices involved, it is realistic to assume a detection even performed daily


Scheduling of assortments

Such frequent data collection is strategic for the optimization and planning of the re-assortment of items both from distribution centers to stores and for the re-assortment between warehouse areas and sales areas within them. In this way, it will be possible to maximize sales by preventing demand from exhausting the stock without control


Easy and intuitive interface

Operators manage the surveys thanks to applications available on smartphones. The screens are simple and intuitive and allow you to connect real-time operation with the data flow of the management system


Flexibility of inventories management

Multiple applications are available that adapt to the different types of inventory required. It is possible to manage inventories of more or less circumscribed local sites (buildings, rooms, shelves) and operate with or without reference “targets”, giving the operator the opportunity to easily identify shortages and surpluses or keeping this information confidential

Carrying out a warehouse inventory is a standard activity in many companies

InfinityID’s RFID technology allows you to always have available all the stocks in the warehouse, which, today more than ever, are essential to optimize work and productivity.


Item finder

InfinityID's ITEM FINDER application is the fastest solution to look for an item.

Thanks to RFID technology, you will only have to enter the required item code on the mobile device to identify an item among thousands present in the warehouse, avoiding unnecessary waste of time. This brings numerous benefits especially for those who turn to marketplaces and e-commerce


Misplaced articles found in a few moments

Item-search function on RFID portable devices. By scanning the barcode, QR code or manual insertion it is possible to find items quickly up to 10 meters away, having an acoustic and visual signal


Automatic restocking

The application has pre-defined reorder levels available and is therefore able to automatically recommend re-assortments to operators


Easy and intuitive web and mobile interface

Store operators can access the management information and enrich it in turn thanks to simplified interfaces available for WEB or Android The screens are simple and intuitive and allow you to connect real-time operation with the data flow of the management system

Handling between shops

From the raw material to the finished product: thanks to InfinityID's RFID solutions you can identify the production progress in real time.

Collecting data and making it available to the company’s management systems. InfinityID’s software takes care of the entire production flow, which goes from receipt of raw materials and definition of lots, to the input of the finished product


Operational flexibility and cost optimization

A completely decentralized approach to distribution by means of introducing the ability to manage movements quickly and easily from every point of distribution. This way, it is possible to reduce transport costs and minimize the time of moving of goods, increasing customers’ satisfaction


Real-time monitoring of movements

InfinityID’s system connects the physical world of articles with the digital layer of information thanks to RFID technology. Operators declare in real time each movement to the management system in use thanks to applications available on smartphones


Simplification of document creation and registration procedures

Based on the degree of movements involved, the system automatically requires the management system to produce any necessary documentation (bills of transport, invoices, etc.), freeing operators from the complex operation of standard management systems

Oggi più che mai la disponibilità dei prodotti per i clienti è fondamentale

Per questo motivo avere la possibilità di spostare rapidamente gli articoli da un negozio all’altro è molto importante e garantisce le disponibilità in tempo reale anche per le piattaforme di marketplace e e-commerce