Group 13


RFID solutions for retail

InfinityID offers a set of ready-to-use applications to track your products, from the factory to the store

Apparel & Fashion
Beauty & Personal
Food & Beverage

For all operations that require effort in counting items, we have a technological solution that will allow you to complete it in a few moments.

You can manage inventory, shipments and movements with ease. Thanks to RFID technology, it is possible to know how many garments are tried on in a day in the fitting rooms of your store. With this information you can define new strategies to optimize your purchases. This information will be automatically detected and sent to your management system. In an always more competitive market, having reliable data is increasingly important to improve the quality of service


Automatic identification solutions for logistics

InfinityID speeds up counting operations at every step and move, reducing the chances of error during inbound and outbound of stocks

HUB Logistics
Public Transport
Distribution centre
Departmental logistics

Imagine a system that automatically counts what goes in and out of your logistics docks

You can have everything under control and save time, passing the information directly to management systems. Thanks to the introduction of InfinityID technology, which automatically optimizes and manages every process inside the warehouse, you can save time and precious resources: thanks to RFID technology you can find the product you are looking for among hundreds of others, or track every single movement inside your warehouse, ensuring the location of each item with extreme precision


4.0 solutions for industrial applications

lnfinityID offers simple and intuitive solutions to monitor the various

phases of your supply chain

Window frames
Electric motors
Metallic yarns
Precision Mechanics
Home appliances

InfinityID's RFID solutions optimize business processes to be even more competitive in tomorrow's market.

The concept of industry 4.0 implies the digital transformation of production processes. Thanks to InfinityID’s MES applications, you can monitor the production progress in real time, from the raw material to the finished product. The surveys are carried out automatically and with zero impact on the operation, eliminating any possibility of human error