Group 13

RFID labels

Created to meet the logistics needs of the fashion industry, this label has faced challenges in numerous other sectors. The compact format, optimised for the 50×30 mm aluminium inlay, is suitable for both tag applications and larger products. The quality paper backing and permanent adhesive guarantee durability. The Impinj Monza R6 chip gives excellent reading performance. The labels are supplied in reels of 3000 or 1000 labels depending on the type of printer used.

Infinity-ID offers a wide range of labels and TAGs according to each type of application and can be customised as required. They are also designed to work correctly on various surfaces, including metal surfaces. Once the company’s needs have been defined and the best value for money has been considered, the most suitable solution for the specific use is identified, taking into account three criteria: type of articles, application method and characteristics of the environment

Types of RFID tags

Examples of use:

Container labelling;
Driver’s licence control;
Toll and traffic monitoring;
Protection of genuine products.

Woven RFID Labels. The highly flexible, environmentally friendly material offers a delicate design and a modern embroidery look.

Suitable for the B2C and B2B segment;
Bags and suitcases:
Upholstered furniture;
All types of textiles.

RFID On Metal labels. Engraved, printed and finished just like a traditional metal sign, it also offers digital flexibility with data storage, contactless scanning and seamless integration into existing processes.

Time tracking;
Access control;
Payment systems;
Festivals and trade fairs;

Tag Surveillance. Ideal for combining RFID technology with traditional anti-shoplifting solutions.

Laundry Labels. Designed to withstand numerous washings and the typical temperature of an industrial laundry

" Etichetta RFID 54X54mm"