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Save time with RFID solutions from InfinityID

RFID technology, in many industries, but especially in retail, is growing in popularity. According to recent research by Accenture, about 80 per cent of retail companies say that the benefits of RFID cannot be replaced by any other technology.

For companies, especially medium-sized or large ones, using barcodes to inventory items in the shop or warehouse can be very time-consuming and costly.

This is why most companies have chosen the path of RFID inventory. To do this, all items must be appropriately ‘tagged’, not with the classic barcode, but with RFID tags and through special readers or readers they will be read automatically. The benefits that this technology brings are manifold:

  • Instant reading of products;
  • Better control over replenishment;
  • Clear stock situation at all times;
  • Reduction of errors and time.

The real advantage of this technology is that the reading of the tags is done in a massive manner, as hundreds of products can be read in seconds without having to move them from their shelves. Clearly, this drastically reduces the time needed to carry out inventory

This technology is also particularly useful for tracking the product from the production site to the distribution site, from the warehouse to the exit of the point of sale, and allows precisely to know in real time the position of an object and have greater control over the entire supply chain process

Having this information at your fingertips at all times allows you to make strategic production and sales choices, to make your warehouse and replenishment operations more efficient

If you need all this and need to reduce your work time to produce more, the Infinity-ID Inventory app is for you

'' Thanks to the RFID inventory, you can get back to strategic tasks without wasting too much time counting! ''