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LOGiC from InfinityID offers an unprecedented user experience in RFID tracking management

InfinityID, a leading innovator for the automatic identification sector, has announced the launch of their latest application: LOGiC, a framework encompassing a suite of solutions to ensure rapid deployment of the most advanced product tracking and tracing technologies within production and distribution chains. LOGiC offers an intuitive user experience and advanced solutions to meet the needs of modern organisations. It has been designed and developed to be integrated with any management system, allowing products to be uniquely identified, tracked and monitored along the production chain, and every event to be recorded.

One of the main features of LOGiC is its scalability and flexibility, allowing organisations to adapt the application to their needs. With LOGiC, companies can benefit from a number of advanced features, including:

  • LOGiC RFID: Allows the most advanced identification technologies such as RFID to be integrated into any process in a surprisingly fast way
  • LOGiC Print Engine: It encompasses everything necessary for the generation of identification coding, print layouts and their direct printing on the most popular devices
  • LOGiC MES lite: Allows you to capture real-time data on production cycles and the users who are involved in them.
  • LOGiC WMS lite: InfinityID has combined the functions of the most advanced WMS systems with serial management of articles and handling units
  • LOGiC Retail: Real-time inventories, automatic self checkouts and anti-shoplifting without added labels are just some of the opportunities offered by this function
  • LOGiC Custom App: We provide our expertise and quality of service to enable our customers to realise their customised projects.


It has been redesigned with a new graphic interface user-friendly and fully customisable according to the customer requirements! Thanks to the innovative carousel menu with customised icons, users can now navigate in an easier and more intuitive way


With LOGiC you can easily create and customise your your own checklists, add or delete items as well as tally them easily and immediately thanks to the UDC code scanning function. In addition, the print management function allows you to obtain high quality documents and share the results with other users


With the updated interface, you will be able to navigate easily through the various features and functionality of LOGiC, allowing you to seamlessly manage your projects and workflows. The intuitive design ensures that you can find quickly and easily the tools you need, saving time and increasing your productivity


Il nuovo aggiornamento di LOGiC offre un’eccezionale opportunità per migliorare la visibilità del dato addizionale degli articoli attraverso la funzione “Show Items”. Questa innovativa caratteristica permette ai tuoi clienti di visualizzare in modo rapido e intuitivo tutte le informazioni relative al prodotto che offri, come ad esempio le specifiche tecniche, i materiali utilizzati, le dimensioni e molto altro ancora


LOGiC is an app that offers advanced functionality for managing of checklists and the organisation of load units. With this application, users can easily create easily create detailed checklists, assign tasks team members and monitor the progress of tasks. progress of tasks. It allows you to manage the printing of labels for loading units, simplifying the management of shipments and minimising waiting times
Launching LOGiC represents a big step forward in our efforts to offer innovative solutions in the field of automatic identification management. We are excited to provide companies with a powerful and intuitive platform that will simplify and strengthen their realities ''