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The implementation of RFID technology in warehouse management, increasingly a focus for industrial and logistics workers, is vital if comprehensive monitoring, more efficient package management and significant cost savings are to be achieved. ensures intelligent monitoring and tracking solutions, which simplify operations for companies and reduce any possibility of error. This is why the introduction of RFID for logistics has led to a real revolution in the industry Today, automated management processes support warehouse management, ensuring perfect coordination between methodologies and workspaces. The result is a better optimisation of all logistical procedures in warehouses and day-to-day operations, coupled with a significant reduction in time, manpower and money

How do you always know where your product or semi-finished product is?

InfinityID, thanks to its departmental logistics module, allows the location of each item within the warehouse to be tracked at all times, between different plants rather than between the various divisions of the company. The optimisation of processes provided by RFID technologies allows productivity to be increased, reducing staff dedicated to unprofitable operations in order to allocate human resources to activities that are more important to the business. Real-time monitoring helps in the optimal organisation of logistics at every step, while the wide range of integrable software modules offers maximum customisation of modern RFID systems. Furthermore, they can be 'customised' according to their field of application and are designed to function correctly on various surfaces, even metal surfaces

What are the key benefits of implementing an RFID system in your company?

With the implementation of user-friendly, fast and smart systems, several important advantages can be enjoyed within the supply chain: - you can precisely identify each product in any operational context to increase the efficiency of all logistics processes. - It is possible to take warehouse automation to a higher level, to save time and to have everything under control at all times, with a direct exchange of information between RFID systems and company management systems

'' Optimising all logistics procedures with InfinityID ''