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Reduce time and zero errors with RFID solutions from InfinityID

InfinityID designs and implements plug & play, modular and smart RFID solutions to monitor the progress of your production processes

InfinityID’s systems, thanks to the use of RFID technology, are highly innovative and widely used in every sector of logistics, retail and industry

InfinityID is the ideal solution for your fixed reading point hardware needs. We offer a wide range of state-of-the-art products designed to read, track and monitor all kinds of products using powerful RFID technology.

Our company specialises in designing tailor-made solutions for different product activities. We can provide specific antennas for complex industrial environments, guaranteeing reliable and accurate coverage even in challenging operating situations.


  • Automation of the loading/unloading process;
  • Improved traceability and visibility;
  • Clear warehouse situation at all times;
  • Reduction of errors and time;
  • Increased operational efficiency;
  • Improved safety.

Our hardware devices are designed to be easy to integrate into your existing system. We have a wide range of options available to suit your specific needs.

By choosing InfinityID, you gain access to state-of-the-art technology that will optimise your business operations. RFID technology offers improved traceability, more accurate information management and significant process automation. You will reduce human errors, improve operational efficiency and ensure greater security of goods.

The real advantage of this technology is that tag reading takes place in a massive manner, as hundreds of products can be read in seconds without having to move them from their shelves. It goes without saying that this drastically reduces the time needed to carry out inventory.

Join the many companies that have chosen InfinityID as a reliable partner for their hardware device needs.

We are ready to support you with our experience and commitment to provide customised solutions that best meet your specific needs.

Reading Desk

Suitable for handling parcels and individual articles. With the RFID InfinityID reading table, simply place the items on the reading table and the device will recognise them automatically. The reading table can be used to check incoming containers, but also for the preparation of outgoing shipments. It is particularly suitable for e-commerce companies, for whom it will be sufficient to place products on the table to prepare and monitor output orders

Logistic Tunnel

Scanning all items without opening packages. The InfinityID logistics tunnel provides RFID checkpoints along the entire production line. Identification operations are immediate and require no user interaction. The tunnel detects through any type of non-metallic packaging and is adapted to control both incoming and outgoing goods from the warehouse

Portal double entry

It scans all items directly on the pallet. Identification operations are immediate and accurate and require no user interaction. The portal reads through any type of non-metallic packaging. Innovative filtering software and radio-absorbent material allow only those items that pass through the portal to be read.

Portal logistic

The InfinityID logistics gateway or RFID portal is designed to ensure complete and accurate goods readings at inbound and outbound areas within the warehouse. InfinityID’s reading portals, consisting of metal panels and RFID antennas, positioned inside the portals and configured according to the customer’s needs, are designed for mass reading of goods