Group 13

Customer Overview

In the new distribution center of Traconf built for Armani in Verona has been implemented a system branded InfinityID that allows you to reduce the time of search for an item in a warehouse of over 25,000 square meters.

After an in-depth analysis of the business processes of the customer’s reality, it emerged that, due to a very high turnover of garments and the continuous requests from marketplaces and retail, it is increasingly difficult to keep up to date the information on the management. Consequently, the actual location of the items in stock is not always precise.

Project Overview

Hence the need to have a tool to quickly identify the position on the ground or at home of every single item in stock, without risk of errors.

Thanks to RFID technology and the implementation of the InfinityID Item Locator solution, when the product code is inserted on the portable device, the operator is guided with a beep to the requested item, without risk of finding the wrong product.


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Improved performance of operators