Group 13

Nara Camicie is an Italian brand that has specialised in the production of shirts since 1984. Characteristic of the company is its franchised distribution, which began more than 30 years ago with the opening of its first shop in Via Montenapoleone in Milan.

Due to its fragmented commercial structure in multiple shops, logistics is one of the cornerstones of distribution. Receipt and dispatch handling is optimised thanks to RFID technology. The classic hanging tag with barcode has been replaced by a 4.0 version containing an RFID tag, which enables massive and punctual readings without the need for item-by-item control.

RFID printers were installed to encode RFID labels and print production data. The packing stations have been equipped with RFID desks and RFID label reading portals have been installed that can detect all items already placed in boxes on pallets in seconds.

Logistics management is efficient and the solution is integrated with the ERP.


Gestione puntuale inbound/outbound

Drastica riduzione dell’errore umano

Verifica immediata mancanze ed eccedenze

Eliminazione di supporti cartacei per gestione documentale

Automazione procedure di ricezione e invio merce