Group 13

Customer Overview

Moleskine is a global benchmark as a chain of creative writing products. It was founded as Modo&Modo, a small Milanese publishing house which, in 1997, brought the original notebook back to life by registering the Moleskine® trademark. Moleskine Srl was listed on the Milan Stock Exchange in 2013. The brand was then acquired and delisted by D’Ieteren in 2016. Today, the Moleskine company employs 500 people and has an extensive partner network.

Project Overview

The project stemmed from the need to have tags that would fit all the merchandise types of the Moleskine group and the exclusion of classic vertical barriers at the entrances.
Thanks to the implementation of RFID technology, we were able to install very discreet ceiling-mounted antennas that are appreciated in design, which is becoming increasingly demanding in terms of the aesthetics of points of sale.


Traceability of package movements within the plant

Drastic reduction of human error

Immediate verification of shortages and surpluses

Elimination of paper for document management

Automation of goods receipt and dispatch procedures