Group 13

Customer Overview

Metal Work is a company specialising in the production of pneumatic components for industrial automation with more than 50 years of experience and based in Brescia. Today, the company is one of the most significant in the sector, with a catalogue of over 1700 pages. More than 500 employees currently work in the Concesio (BS) factory, while the Italian and foreign sales structure consists of more than 800 people.

Product distribution and service are entrusted to 50 branches in Italy and abroad that are in direct daily contact with the market and offer extensive pre- and after-sales service. Product quality and sales organisation are the foundations on which Metal Work rests firmly.

With its commercial structure fragmented into multiple sales outlets, logistics is one of the cornerstones of distribution. The management of receiving and shipping movements is optimised thanks to RFID technology. The classic hanging tag with barcode has been replaced by a 4.0 version containing an RFID tag, which enables massive and punctual readings without the need for item-by-item control.

RFID printers were installed to encode RFID labels and print production data. The packing stations have been equipped with RFID desks and RFID label readers have been installed that can detect all items already placed in boxes on pallets in seconds.

Logistics management is efficient and the solution is integrated with the ERP.

Project Overview

Metal Work chose to install an InfinityID solution in order to have more control over shipments and zero errors at the outbound end. By replacing normal barcode labels with RFID tags, it was able to identify packages automatically and verify that outgoing pallets were prepared correctly, avoiding time-consuming manual quality checks.
The loading bays of Metal Work’s warehouses have been equipped with special RFID portals to read the outgoing goods, allowing the batch to be weighed and its conformity checked.

The operator only has to ensure that the process is started via the terminal. Everything else is taken care of by Logic, the InfinityID software, which shows the count in real time and signals the need for the operator to check for inconsistencies.
Once it has been ascertained that everything corresponds to the order, the portal is opened and the shipment can be completed, safe in the knowledge that there will be no errors.
This system was implemented in the company in just one month and has enabled Metal Work to save time on quality control and to reduce complaints about nonconforming goods to zero.


Drastica riduzione dell’errore umano

Risparmio tempo durante il controllo qualità merce

Automazione procedure di evasione merce

Riduzione a zero dei reclami per merce non conforme.