Group 13

Customer Overview

An INFINITYID project for the automation of logistics procedures has been developed for CIOCCA, an icon of Italian hosiery manufacturers with more than 20M of socks sold every year. Today, thanks to industrial traditions and innovative capabilities, it is the reference point for this product category.

The project was born from the need to trace all movements to and from external laboratories.

Project Overview

As a result of numerous contract processing operations, the need for a traceability system emerged more and more that would speed up administrative procedures and ensure the reliability and accuracy of the data relating to movements.

Along the sorting line, RFID read TUNNEL was inserted in order to automate the counting procedures and to verify the integrity and veracity of the information inside the package on each individual checkpoint.

RFID portals have been installed on all the loading and picking docks and on all the bays for moving goods, which are completely automatic, detect the movements of the goods drastically increasing the inventory accuracy of the article locations.


Traceability of packages along the supply chain

Reduction of human error

Immediate verification of deficiencies and surpluses

Elimination of paper for document management

Automation procedures for receiving and sending goods