Group 13

On Metal

RFID on metal are radio frequency identification (RFID) tags that perform a specific function when attached to metal objects. RFID tags on metal can overcome some of the traditional problems RFID tags near metals suffer from, such as detuning and reflection of the RFID signal, which can cause poor tag read range, ghost reading, or no read signal at all.

InfinityID’s RFID tags for metal products are designed to overcome the shielding and compensate for the interference the element creates. The new techniques focus on designing specialised antennas that utilise metal interference and signal reflection for a longer read range than similarly sized tags attached to non-metal objects.

The main focus for in-metal RFID is tool tracking, weapon tracking and quality control of medical devices

Radio frequency solutions for metal applications are now at an incredible level. Unlike rigid RFID on metal labels, this adhesive label allows printing with classic RFID printers. The format is thin, for application even on small parts/semi-finished items. The 60x6mm inlay is shielded by a layer of foam that isolates interference from the metal material. The chip used is NXP U Code 8. The labels are supplied in rolls of 500.