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PCs, software, printers, programmes:

Il numero di risorse nella rete aziendale cresce continuamente e con questi diminuisce anche il controllo.

Le conseguenze? Errori, mancanze, eccedenze che compromettono la gestione del magazzino.

The number of resources in the corporate network grows continuously and with these, control also decreases.

The consequences? Errors, shortages, surpluses that compromise warehouse management.

By means of the real-time article or pallet management system, the functional characteristics of RFID technology combined with its reading speed will allow a clear improvement in business efficiency

Why automate the warehouse?

The use of interconnected computer systems in the warehouse improves procedures and operator performance. In particular, it supports employees in almost all the activities they are called upon to perform, the most common ones in which the help of the WMS is now considered indispensable:

Picking optimisation. To shorten the space and time needed to find a product in your warehouse;

Ensuring traceability. To provide guarantees to your customers on the fulfilment of their orders;

Increase efficiency. Obtain maximum efficiency from all operators and simplify their work;

Make use of space. To always have all products at hand;

Speed up activities. To make all processes smoother;

Simplify operations. Through RFID technology you can simplify operations and limit picking errors;

Applications and functionalities

The WMS consists of a set of applications that gives you complete control over your activities, thanks to its broad functional coverage and ease of use.

The software can be customised according to the needs of each company, which will choose the module according to its objectives and requirements.

Let’s see them in detail:
Inbound&outbound. With this solution you can monitor all the critical points of your production line and track goods in and out of the warehouse;
Product search. By entering the article code on the mobile device, you can locate articles without wasting time and avoiding unnecessary errors;
Real-time inventory. Thanks to real time inventory you can get back to your strategic tasks without wasting time counting;
Compact warehouse management. Having a precise definition of the spaces in which goods can be placed improves the efficiency of your warehouse management;