Group 13
Identificazione automatica

Il sistema di identificazione di InfinityID si compone di almeno tre elementi: un’etichetta da applicare al prodotto, dei dispositivi per poterla identificare e dei punti di lettura per tenere traccia dei suoi movimenti nelle fasi successive (software, hardware e tag & labels).

You can simplify your work by identifying your products in real time

By collecting in the data and the position of the products, you will allow the software to provide a real-time complete overview of the situation of thousands of products at once, making your work easier. This type of technology also allows the creation of a network that automaticallu detects information on objects, facilitating the upstream supply chain of data. In this way, RFID devices act as a bridge between the physical wolrd and the digital wolrd, in order to make data collection  and analysis processes more efficien